Welcome to the Scents-ible Solutions collection, a variety of hand crafted, ethical & fair trade aromatherapy skin care, bath & body, gifts & health & wellbeing products. The collection focuses upon natural butters, plant oils & botanicals ethically sourced from around the world & chosen for their soft, gentle & caring nature.

Aromatherapy, for those new to the subject, can be defined as: 'The holistic treatment based on the use of essential aromatic plant oils to maintain & promote physical, physiological & spiritual well being. The essential oils may be used in massage, added to a warm bath, used on a compress that is applied to the affected area of the body, added to a vaporiser for inhalation or diffused throughout a room.' Though the methods stated above which are both practical & effective, we believe we can add a touch of luxury & finesse to your aromatherapy experience

We have a range of beauty products from around the world. Black soap bars & liquid from Ghana. Aleppo soaps & Alum natural deodorant from Syria. Savon Beldi made with Olives, Rhassoul clay mined from deep beneath the Atlas mountains from Morocco. And lots of natural products Made in Britain.